Get started with TechnologyEssentials

Get started on your path to success

This implementation guide is here to assist in setting expectations on what your next steps in your implementation should be as well as your next action step. Each step gives you a general time frame of both the When and the Who in the implementation process. Please use this as a reference as you begin your journey with TechEssentials.

1. Define a

Task: Your designated champion will work with our team to develop an implementation plan tailored to your specific goals, ensuring your success.

Action Step: Contact us at 877-868-3833 to schedule your personalized implementation plan and first training session.

2. Schedule a training session

Task: We want to get you trained as quickly as possible so you can begin utilizing the benefits of TechnologyEssentials. Within 24 hours of your purchase, SchoolDude will call to schedule a comprehensive startup session with your TechnologyEssentials champion and other key stakeholders. If your training is not already scheduled, please contact us to schedule your startup session.

Action Step: Begin getting your team excited about the transition to TechnologyEssentials. Share the log-in to the client community so all team members can join in the excitement.

3. Implementation & planning session

Task: This instructive webinar with a Software Analyst will walk you through setup and work flow. You will talk about goals and develop an implementation plan tailored to your unique needs. Your team should budget between 1 to 2 hours for the training.

Action Step:Join the technology management users group in the client community to take advantage of peer advice from others that have started right where you are.

4. Account setup and data entry

Task: Begin setting up your account by entering all information needed to receive, process, and close out incidents, such as locations, areas, problem types, purposes, labor types, new request routing, users, etc.

Action Step: You may want to enter all open outstanding requests from your previous system as you begin the transition to TechnologyEssentials.

5. Train staff and end users

Task: Start training your staff and end users. Also, pick a date to roll-out the MySchoolBuilding page to end-users.

Action Step: Leverage role based documentation, help videos, and webinars in the client community to train your end users and staff.

6. Roll out your requester portal

Task: It’s time to roll out MySchoolBuilding, the web-based request portal, to your institutions website. Begin allowing your end-users to submit help desk tickets online.

Action Step: After you have been using MySchoolBuilding for a few weeks, survey your end-users to find out how it is being received.

7. Continuous improvement

Task: Let TechnologyEssentials work for you! Automate recurring reports to stakeholders and staff. Evaluate your approval and work flow process and look for opportunities for improvement

Action Step: If you need a little extra help, sign up for training review or log in to the client community to ask for help.