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Simple Tips on Starting a Preventive Maintenance Program

Recently, a question was emailed to me that is a common one: “Awhile back I had sat in on a web conference you did for a district on PMDirect SchoolDude’s preventive maintenance software where you had gone through a kind of “Quick Start” …

Author: Dave Kornegay
Small Rural District Replaces Paper System for Facilities Tracking

RSU #21 located in the friendly, rural community of Kennebunk, Maine, includes 6 schools and hosts over 4,500 events each year. Up until 2003, the district had used a paper system to manage daily tasks, including events, but that made it challenging to …

Author: Kelli Wolf
How giving your school facility a check-up can save you money later

Everybody needs a regular check-up, and your school facility is no different. School districts must often balance maintenance and repair tasks with replacement and upgrade projects. To this end, a comprehensive inspection of the school can be an asset in …

Author: SchoolDude
Summer school programs may put restrictions on major maintenance projects

For school maintenance staff, summertime isn't a season of breaks and vacation, but of getting caught up on major repair and upgrade projects that have been deferred throughout the year. However, the season can also pose challenges for completing those …

Author: SchoolDude
Intelligent buildings can save money for school districts

School districts constantly face the dilemma of balancing their budget across an operation that spans several buildings. Managing repairs, maintenance and resources can be a challenge, and improper management can lead to money lost unnecessarily to …

Author: SchoolDude
School districts can turn to facility management solutions to track maintenance needs

School district administrators face a unique challenge in that they have to manage the maintenance and repair needs of several buildings at one time. As school buildings age and infrastructure begins to break down, the mounting repair projects …

Author: SchoolDude
Increasing technology in schools may put more strain on IT staff

Despite contending with tight budgets, school districts have demonstrated a vested interest in developing their technology resources to ensure their students have access to current hardware and software.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Gain a more efficient department and improve customer satisfaction with MySchoolBuilding

Does yourstaff get grabbed in the hallways for requests? Do you get swamped with requestscoming from emails, calls, or texts? Areyou managing paper form requests? Are you first hearing of a request way laterthan when it occurs? If any of these situations …

Author: Hayley Moore
How you can keep cool with a pool at school this summer

It's no secret that school-age children love swimming pools. Especially in the summer months, there are few things kids enjoy more than spending an afternoon in the water at a community pool. But did you know that a swimming pool in your school can also …

Author: SchoolDude
The solution to safe, efficient energy for your school is a real gas

When assessing energy options for a school facility, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. The safety of the students, teachers and faculty is certainly a primary consideration, as is the need to find a solution that is compatible …

Author: Nick Mirisis
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