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How you can keep cool with a pool at school this summer

It's no secret that school-age children love swimming pools.

Author: SchoolDude
The solution to safe, efficient energy for your school is a real gas

When assessing energy options for a school facility, there are many factors that need to be taken into account.

Author: Nick Mirisis
School maintenance can help students keep their cool this summer

Summertime classes present potential obstacles for educators over and above waning student attention spans.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Tight purse strings can create maintenance issues for some school districts

The relationship some school boards have with their budgets is often a balancing act of priorities.

Author: Nick Mirisis
The link between healthy school buildings and student performance

When many administrators and facility managers think of a healthy building, they think of a building that is well maintained, in good repair, energy efficient, and free of any needs for immediate corrective maintenance.

Author: Nick Mirisis
The health and maintenance benefits of green spaces and vegetative systems

Sustainability is a growing concern among facility managers, and some have begun experimenting with natural and ecologically friendly building solutions as part of their effort to go green.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Challenge of obtaining LEED certification with historic buildings

When it comes to running schools in an effective and cost-friendly manner, it's no secret that energy efficiency is key.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Pest management can create safety problems for schools

With many public schools being older buildings, pest control is an often-recurring maintenance issue. However, even more than with home or industrial locations, schools present unique challenges with regard to the methods of pest control used. The near …

Author: SchoolDude
Some good news for Plymouth State University at year-end

Plymouth State University in New Hampshire celebrated year-end success, showing its Business Office a .53% loss of total inventory value for Fiscal Year 2014, compared to average inventory adjustments in higher education of 3-8%. The directors and Operations Department were thrilled to see performance at this level and the resulting savings in their budget. 

SchoolDude's maintenance and inventory management solutions allow Plymouth State to operate efficiently, track all warehouse items, and tie items used to specific work orders.

Author: Sam Zippin
Cut electricity costs with the cloud

The financial perks that stem from implementing cloud-based systems are obvious. If you make all of your schools' functions - ranging from maintenance management tasks to classroom activities - cloud-based, you could end up saving a sizable amount of money by reducing energy costs and upkeep expenses associated with on-site servers.

Author: Nick Mirisis
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