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Increasing technology in schools may put more strain on IT staff

Despite contending with tight budgets, school districts have demonstrated a vested interest in developing their technology resources to ensure their students have access to current hardware and software.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Gain a more efficient department and improve customer satisfaction with MySchoolBuilding

Does yourstaff get grabbed in the hallways for requests? Do you get swamped with requestscoming from emails, calls, or texts? Areyou managing paper form requests? Are you first hearing of a request way laterthan when it occurs? If any of these situations …

Author: Hayley Moore
How you can keep cool with a pool at school this summer

It's no secret that school-age children love swimming pools.

Author: SchoolDude
The solution to safe, efficient energy for your school is a real gas

When assessing energy options for a school facility, there are many factors that need to be taken into account.

Author: Nick Mirisis
School maintenance can help students keep their cool this summer

Summertime classes present potential obstacles for educators over and above waning student attention spans.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Tight purse strings can create maintenance issues for some school districts

The relationship some school boards have with their budgets is often a balancing act of priorities.

Author: Nick Mirisis
The link between healthy school buildings and student performance

When many administrators and facility managers think of a healthy building, they think of a building that is well maintained, in good repair, energy efficient, and free of any needs for immediate corrective maintenance.

Author: Nick Mirisis
The health and maintenance benefits of green spaces and vegetative systems

Sustainability is a growing concern among facility managers, and some have begun experimenting with natural and ecologically friendly building solutions as part of their effort to go green.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Challenge of obtaining LEED certification with historic buildings

When it comes to running schools in an effective and cost-friendly manner, it's no secret that energy efficiency is key.

Author: Nick Mirisis
Pest management can create safety problems for schools

With many public schools being older buildings, pest control is an often-recurring maintenance issue. However, even more than with home or industrial locations, schools present unique challenges with regard to the methods of pest control used. The near …

Author: SchoolDude
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