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I thoroughly enjoyed discussing performance management, key performanceindicators, benchmarking, and effective change management practices with my colleague Steve Roth at SchoolDude University East in Myrtle Beach last week. We discussed our Operations …

Author: Jack Spain

According to ASCE’s Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, schools received a grade of a D or Poor, on an A-F scale, one of the lowest grades an infrastructure received.  K-12 schools and college campuses across the country are facing the same challenges around poor infrastructure and deferred maintenance backlog. Check out this whitepaper to learn more about decreasing deferred maintenance and read how your peers have implemented successful preventive maintenance programs to reverse this trend by extending the life of their buildings and equipment.

Author: SchoolDude

Inspect your sprinklers and get your grass green for spring

If you want to liven up your school's grounds, now is the time to start your sprinklers - just be sure they're in tip-top shape so you aren't wasting water, while getting nowhere with your grass.

Author: SchoolDude
What Cloud Can Do For You
  • 4/15/2014

What cloud can do for youIf you are hoping to bring your school's maintenance management practices to peak performance, then you should look no further than the cloud.

Author: SchoolDude

We’ve just had the opportunity to spend a few days in Myrtle Beach at SchoolDude University’s Technology Track and we just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who attended for their participation, engagement, insights, and enthusiasm! There was a …

Author: Maddie Mansson

Stephen Brackett is the Maintenance Supervisor for Carbondale Elementary School District #95 in Carbondale, IL. Despite being surrounded by farms in southern Illinois, Carbondale is inside city limits and has 4 school buildings, 120 staff, and 1,300 students and growing.

Author: SchoolDude
Introducing the Dude Digest
  • 4/3/2014

Are you as tired of email fatigue as we are? Every day our inboxes are filled with spam and junk mail that we’re not interested in. Many times this causes us to miss important information we should be reading, which in turn got us thinking. If we’re …

Author: SchoolDude

The Operations Proficiency Model (OPM) is a performance measurement model specifically developed as a framework and a tool to facilitate the identification of continuous improvement initiatives for leaders responsible for maintaining and operating …

Author: Jack Spain

Change is constant in the worldof event management.  It’s likely for thelocal dance studio to request additional classrooms to be used as dressingrooms for the upcoming spring recital, for the date of family game night tochange, or even a last …

Author: Kimberly Norton

It’s the first day of April, but there’s no fooling when it comes to answering your questions. Here are a few that we get at the Client Service Center every day from FSDirect clients. Maybe you have run into these as well. Trust me, these answers are no joke!

Author: Karen Holt
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